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Online order forms and payments

Want a quick and easy way to take orders and accept online payments or donations? Use our online order form templates to make it rain.

Popular templates

  • Online order form
  • Donation form
  • Gift card order form


Lead generation forms

Get customers in the door—and keep them engaged. From collecting leads to nurturing them, streamline the customer journey to make the sale.

Popular templates

  • Sales lead form
  • Mailing list signup
  • Content download form


Surveys and market research

Capture feedback and demographics from your customer, prospects, or donors to inform your business strategy and make improvements.

Popular templates

  • Customer satisfication survey
  • Market research survey
  • Net Promoter® Score survey

    Net Promoter® Score is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., 
Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.


Registration and contact forms

Use these online signup forms to collect employee applications, stay on top of event attendees, or capture and organize crucial contact information.

Popular templates

  • Contact form
  • Event registration
  • Employment application


Invitations and RSVP

Weddings. Parties. Events of all sizes. Know who's coming and what they need so you can plan the perfect event and get crucial details to your attendees.

Popular templates

  • Wedding invitation
  • Party invitation
  • RSVP form


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Check out all of Wufoo’s online sample forms and templates—from contact form examples to registration forms—to host your own online form. Wufoo’s professionally-designed form templates can help you collect online registrations and payments, generate leads for sales, much more. In fact, Wufoo online forms can power your business: If you want to keep your users updated about the latest adventures regarding your company, product or service, use a mailing list form. You can then quickly embed the form into your web site so you can start building that valuable army of supporters. When you're ready to send out your email newsletter, just export the list to Excel or CSV and use your favorite mailing list program to get your message out. Or use a contact form to make it easier for your website visitors to send you feedback, questions and comments without having to expose your email address to spammers. For your next workshop or conference, try using a Wufoo powered event registration form to make organizing your next event a breeze. Feel free to change the logo and customize the form to collect the appropriate information and interests from your guests. Really, you can use Wufoo forms for just about anything: Accept online job applications, set up an online payment form, and much more to organize your data and your business operations.