University/School Media Resources Survey

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Public and private schools as well as colleges and universities rely heavily on their media and technological resources for student success. If you're a school or university media center manager, facilities manager, or technology center manager, use our simplified School Media Resources Survey to analyze the availability and quality of your school's media and technology resources. Then, have the data on hand to support future media and technology funding requests.

What's in the University/School: Media & Technology Resources?

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Send out our online form or embed it in your library or media center's website in order to collect school or university media resources feedback from students. Learn their opinions about the quality of the technological and media facilities and resources provided to them. Have your students rate the overall media and technological resources already available and which additional resources they feel should be available to students. Let them rank their top three resource priorities and let you know how often they use the resources provided to them in the library, classroom, and lab. Finally, ask how they would like to reserve media resources - via phone, Internet, in person, or by other means.

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