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Simply and swiftly gather essential feedback from your school's students on a particular professor's skill set and classroom performance with our online Professor Evaluation Form. Instead of creating your own detailed professor feedback questions, start with our pre-made template to get your own customized professor assessment form prepared and out to your students - fast!

What's in the University/School: Professor Evaluation?

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University or college administrators and department chairs can use our online professor assessment form to collect confidential feedback from their students. Customize our focused form with school and professor's names for end-of-semester evaluations, performance assessments, and ongoing monitoring of professor performance. Find out how satisfied your students are with their professor and why, how well prepared the professor is on a daily basis, how clearly course objectives are explained, how positive and enjoyable the classroom environment is, how much expertise and current knowledge they display, and whether they apply their classroom lessons to real life. You'll find our professor evaluation questions are an invaluable tool for maintaining high standards among your teaching staff.

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