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A quick look at Wufoo’s Stripe integrations

Our Stripe and Stripe Subscription integrations are nearly the same, but one offers you the ability to set up recurring billing. Got questions about how our integrations work?


Gateway Monthly fee Per-transaction fee Merchant account included Multi-currency support Countries In-form payments Recurring billing
Stripe $0 2.9% + $0.30 9AU, CA, DK, FI, IE, NO, SE, UK, US and more available in open beta - GET STARTED
Stripe Subscription $0 2.9% + $0.30 9AU, CA, DK, FI, IE, NO, SE, UK, US and more available in open beta GET STARTED

Should you choose Stripe or another payment gateway?

Here’s a quick breakdown of our Stripe integration versus our other payment gateways to help you decide which is right for you.

Use the Stripe integration if you...

Want to avoid monthly fees and prefer to pay one flat, transaction-based rate

Offer subscription-based products or services and want to enable recurring billing

Need a developer-friendly, customizable gateway compatible with many APIs

Consider other payment gateways if you...

Want the fastest, easiest setup available with no need to customize the payment experience

Don’t mind if customers are directed away from your site to complete a purchase

Accept payments from around the world in many different currencies and countries

Compare Stripe integrations with all of our other payment gateways

How to integrate Wufoo and Stripe or Stripe Subscription

Just sign up or sign in to Wufoo, select your existing form or create a new one, and enable payments for that form.

Our Stripe and Stripe Subscription integrations have slightly different one-time information requirements, 
but they're both easy to set up.


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Wufoo’s Stripe integration is an easy way to accept secure online payments. We offer 2 Stripe integrations: Stripe and Stripe Subscription. These integrations have nearly the same features, but Stripe Subscription let’s you set up recurring billing and autorenewal. Compare our Stripe integrations with other online payment integrations to see which is right for your business. Stripe’s many pros include no monthly fee and a flat rate. But Stripe may be a bit more complicated to set up if you want more customization.